Since 2014, GROUPBUY has been committed to leveraging collective buying power and combining metropolitan charm and value-for-money by bringing users unbeatable daily deals on fine dining, cafés, tour packages, spas, beauty and slimming treatments, art workshops, cooking classes, festive treats and much more!

Our company philosophy:

1. Focus on quality in everything we do - From merchant selection, through deal vetting, to customer care - we believe that focusing on quality in each aspect of the business will allow us to win the hearts of our users. 

2. Keeping customers happy - Keeping Customers Happy is the only policy we have in our Customer Care Team. We listen to your concerns and try to solve your problems with efficiency and human touch. We go the extra mile to make sure that your experience at GROUPBUY is as comfy as possible. 

3. Being humble - Being humble & respectful towards our customers, merchant partners and colleagues is at the very core of our culture. We are very easy to do business with and always find ways to improve ourselves.  Our objective is not to be the biggest. Instead, we want to be the best & most loved online shopping brand in the market.

4. Getting things done, fast - We deliver value for customers & results for brands.
We cut the red tape, focus on getting things done fast. We believe you can only improve what you can measure. We make rapid decisions based on gathered data, but never forget about the importance of human touch.

If you have any suggestions on how to make GROUPBUY better, please email to: cs@groupbuy.biz